Swans on the River Brue

River Washford - Bridge List

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No.1  Withiel Hill Footbridge

No.2  Hazery Plantation Footbridge

No.3  Parson's Close Plantation footbridge A

No.4  Parson's Close Plantation footbridge B

No.5  Parson's Close Plantation footbridge C

No.6  Pooltown Bridge South

No.7  Pooltown Bridge North

No.8  Jumpers Combe Footbridge

No.9  Kingsbridge Bridge

No.10  The Old Stables Culvert

No.11  The Court Bridge

No.12  The Old Post Office Bridge

No.13  Chapel Cottage Bridge

No.14  Kingsbridge Cottage Disused Bridge

No.15  Kingsbridge Cottage Access Bridge

No.16  Kingsbridge Cottage Garden Bridge

No.17  Purley Ford Bridge

No.18  New Mill Garden Bridge

No.19  New Mill Access Bridge

No.20  New Mill Footbridge

No.21  Slowley Wood ROW Bridge 3125

No.22  Hazery Accommodation Bridge

No.23  Hazery Blue Bridge

No.24  Hazery Footbridge

No.25  Druid's Combe Road Bridge

No.26  Langridge Mills Road Bridge

No.27  Langridge Mills Bridge

No.28  Greenland Lane Bridge

No.29  Cleeve Copse ROW Bridge

No.30  Roadwater Fishery Bridge

No.31  ROW bridge 2903

No.32  Riverden Bridge

No.33  Woodland Vale Bridge

No.34  Roadwater Bridge

No.35  Roadwater Railway Girder Bridge

No.36  Roadwater Recreation Ground Bridge

No.37  Yea Farm Bridge

No.38  Woodside Bridge

No.39  Lower Roadwater Bridge

No.40  ROW footbridge No. 4789

No.41  Leat House Bridge

No.42  Hungerford Bridge

No.43  Abbey Mill Bridge

No.44  Cleeve Abbey Bridge

No.45  Watersmeet Bridge

No.46  Washford Bridge

No.47  Lower Washford Bridge

No.48  Riverside Cottage Footbridge

No.49  Lower Washford Accommodation Bridge ( Ashcroft Railway Bridge )

No.50  Bye Farm Accommodation Bridge

No.51  Kentsford Farm Accommodation Bridge

No.52  Kentsford Farm Footbridge

No.53  Kentsford Farm Accommodation Footbridge

No.54  Paper Mill Pipe Bridge

No.55  Paper Mill Culvert

No.56  Watchet Railway Bridge

No.57  Watchet Mill Footbrige

No.58  Private Access Footbridge

No.59  Whitehall Bridge

No.60  Waterloo Cottages Footbridge

No.61  West Street Bridge