Swans on the River Brue

Exford Bridge

Bridge Name:   Exford Bridge
No.:   8
Location:   Exford - SS 8525 3835
Build Date:   Rebuilt 1930 on medieval site
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Road bridge over River Exe. Rebuilt 1930 on medieval site. Local stone random rubble facing T-beam, saddleback coping. Three arch span, semi-circular headed arches with 2 cutwater buttresses on each side.

English Heritage Listed Building Number: 265419. First Listed on 06/04/1959. 1

"There is a litle Tymbre Bridge at Exforde over Ex Brooke, ther being a smaul water"2

References:   1.Exmoor National Park HER - MSO10639
2.Second volume of Leyland's Intinerary published by Hearne - see History of hundred of Carhampton, in the County of Somerset, from the best authorities by James Savage

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