Penn Mill Stream

Pen Mill and Chudleigh Mill Stream

Pen Mill Stream
Pen Mill Stream

The mill stream runs from west to east and north of Yeovil Golf Course for a distance of approximately 0.9 miles

The mill may have existed before Domesday as the manor mill for Kingston.

The main sluices across the River Yeo are modern and maintained for river control. The mill building is built mainly of local stone. The wheel pit, over which part of the mill is built, is large, and the external wall is built onto the bed rock of the river. Three stones each about 18" by 24" built into the pits internal walls and have deeply carved identical designs. In the outer wall is the stone lintel on which the wheel bearing was fixed, originally had either a high or mid breast wheel approximately 16ft diameter and 8ft wide. None of the mill machinery remains. At the bottom, upstream, end of the wheel pit there are the partly submerged remains of the casting of a large vortex turbine together with sluice value, and the screw opening mechanism on the ground floor. There is a name plate on the value on which the name "Thompson" is visible. The metal seating and iron support pillars for two pairs of 4ft diameter stones driven by this turbine remain. Also one short section of long shaft with two pulley wheels.1

The mill was constructed late in the 17th century and was used for processing animal feeds and corn. The mill was acquired by Mr.Benjamin Chudleigh in 1920 and was then renamed Chudleigh Mill. The mill was sold in 1968 to R C Rose and Sons, and later the ownership changed to Yeoman Animal Feeds and Nitrovit. In 2008 the buildings were converted into residential property.

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